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Booktango: the new free e-book publishing site that makes your book look great and available for sale on every e-reader

In my webinars, titled Seven Secrets of Successful Self-published authors, which I do frequently on the Author Learning Center and Writers, I describe the three publishing options for authors today as DIY, assisted and tradtional publishing. DIY is for authors who want to control the formating, pricing and distribution, but don’t need to speak with anyone. Assisted self publishing allows an author to get published, but provides personal support throughout the process. Traditional publishing is as it has always been. You need an agent to get published and usually lots of patience.

Great new free e-book publishing solution with distribution to all devices.

Author Solutions (ASI) has been the clear leader in assisted self-publishing for quite some time, but recently to serve an even greater author base, ASI introduced a new free DIY e-book publishing solution called Booktango. Booktango gives authors some unique advantages no other DIY solution offers.

  1. Free, easy-to-use editor.  Much like WordPress or similar applications, Booktango makes it easy to upload your manuscript, identify the errors that make e-books look bad, fix them quickly and create a killer-looking e-book. Other applications like Smashwords have been described as meat grinders so Booktango is a a welcome addition to the author tool box
  2. Distribution to all the e-readers and distributors. One of the great challenges for DIY authors is getting the right formating and distribution for the variety of readers and distributors out there. You can publish on the Kindle, but that’s all you get. If you want to publish on other distributor’s platforms you have to create a different type of file and track your royalties separately. Booktango does all that for you.
  3. Set your own price. One of the keys to getting traction for e-books is pricing it to be an impulse purchase. With Booktango, that is easy to do.
  4. Best in classs DIY Cover designer (Coming soon). One of the great limitiations right now for authors creating e-books is an easy-to-use applicatioin to create covers. By the end of March, Booktango will have the best in the market.

Right now, Booktango is in beta, but feel free to take it for a test drive and spread the word. It is one more reason why this is the best time in history to be an author.