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Author Solutions titles honored as Kirkus Best Indie Books of 2014


Once again, this year a number of books published through Author Solutions imprints received recognition from Kirkus Reviews as the best books of 2014 on their Indie list. Those titled honored were:

  • “Stein House” by Myra Hargrave McIlvain (iUniverse)
  • “Tales of a Country Doctor” by Paul Carter (Xlibris)
  • “Whirlwind & Storm” by Charles E. Farnsworth (iUniverse)
  • “An Adirondack Life” by Brian M. Freed (AuthorHouse)
  • “ A Century on New Brunswick’s N.W. Mmichiira” (Xlibris)
  • “Playing Until Dark” by John R. Alberts (AuthorHouse)

Each book has been awarded with the Kirkus Star from Kirkus Reviews, which is arguably one of the most trusted and respected sources for book discovery since 1933. The Kirkus’ Indie program began in 2005, when the editors wanted to expand their coverage to include the fastest-growing segment in the book industry—self-publishing. The program gives self-published authors the opportunity to earn critical acclaim from one of the most prestigious reviews in publishing.


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Top 5 reasons from 2011 why this the best time in history to be an author.

For some time, I have been promoting the idea that there is no better time in history to be an author then right now.  In fact, the top tab of this blog is text from a white paper I published two years ago titled, “The best time in history to be an author.”  In the past year, there has been additional evidence to support the claim. So here are my top five reasons from 2011 why this is the best time in history to be an author

  1. San Francisco Writers Conference publishing contest name is changed to Indie Publishing Contest. The prestigious San Francisco Writers Conference publishing contest was renamed the Indie Publishing Contest and winners were awarded publishing packages from Author Solutions.  This mean more authors could win and get their books into the market sooner, which is one of the main benefits of Indie publishing
  2. John Locke becomes first author to sell 1 million books on a Kindle. Mr Locke broke through the seven-figure barrier and shared some of his secrets in a post I did earlier this year. He did it by doing things any author can do.
  3. JA Konrath finds success self publishing latest books. In an interview in USA Today, JA Konrath had the follow to say. “It’s a paradigm shift and a revolution,” says J.A. Konrath, who is considered the guru of the self-publishing movement. “It’s a huge win for readers,” who now have easier access to more writers from around the world, he says. “I am a guy who had his butt kicked by the industry for 20 years, and now I’m showing other authors what they can do so they don’t have to go through the same thing,” he says. “Traditional book publishers are just serving drinks on the Titanic.”
  4. Amanda Hocking sells more than 1 million books on her own and then gets traditional book deal. She made big news and I covered in an earlier blog post.
  5. Publishers Weekly and Kirkus both start to review indie published books. Both of these industry leaders now review indie published books, which I think is acknowledgment that good books are being published by indie author and the industry is shifting.

There were other candidates, including the launch of Book Country self publishing services  by Penguin and the Hachette document that declared, “self publishing is a misnomer”, but these were the five I thought were most important. If you have some other nominees for the top five, feel free to leave them in the comments section. I am sure 2012 will be even better.