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Michael Hyatt offers his recipe for success: Content + Platform

I did a post a few days ago that introduced you to Michael Hyatt’s new book, Platform, Getting Noticed in a Noisy World.  It is a very helpful book written by someone who has years of experience working with authors and personally building his own platform. In this interview, Mike starts off by talking about how the days of the author writing the book and the publisher selling the book are over. Authors have to be engaged in marketing and connecting with an audience and this book gives practical, insightful, helpful advice on how to do that. In this interview, Mike talks about the two key elements for success in today’s marketplace: content and a platform.

authors, book marketing, book selling, helpful hints, Indie book publishing, Publishing, self publishing, Thomas Nelson, writing

5 keys to building your platform from the new book by Michael Hyatt.

Mike Hyatt, chairman of Thomas Nelson publishers,  has been an innovator in the publishing industry his whole career.  He was one of the first CEOs to utilize the power of social media for his company, himself and authors.  From his experience, he has written an amazingly helpful book on how to build your platform.  In the past eight years, he has generated some impressive numbers:

  • 300,000+ unique monthly visitors
  • 123,000+ Twitter followers
  • 92,000+ monthly podcast listeners
  • 70,000+ newsletter subscribers
  • 17,000+ Facebook fans

So his advice is not theory. It is lessons learned from his experience and they are lessons every author can apply. Here’s what Mike  says about this book on his blog .

Listen, in the past eight years, I’ve experienced every setback, mistake, and headache you can imagine while building my own platform. But I’ve also managed to generate:

The point of those numbers is not to brag. The point is to illustrate that I know what works (and what you should avoid). I carefully documented everything I learned in building my platform—successes AND failures.

Platform consists of five sections and sixty, short chapters full of practical steps, real-world examples, and helpful resources. It is not armchair theory. It is not idle speculation. It is full of “news you can use” to help you build your own platform.

I highly recommend it.

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A great idea for self published authors: Use video to promote your book before it is live.

Recently I had a chance to view this video from a first time author who is publishing on Westbow Press. Hunter Smith, who was a punter for the Indianapolis Colts during their championship years,  has written a book titled, The Jersey Effect, which speaks of his faith journey and what he realized about the impact wearing the “jersey” can have on the lives of people. He will be launching the book around the Super Bowl which is taking place in Indianapolis this year and he has released this video prior to the book’s availability.  I think this video has the elements that makes for a good video and it is something any author can replicate. I like this video because”

1. It tells me the inspiration for the book. I think readers want to know what prompted someone to take the time to write. I think it begins to connect reader and author which is a good thing.

2. It is out before the book is available. By releasing the video ahead of the book, it gives it a chance to make the video viral and create demand before the book is available.

3. It “rewards” the viewer for watching. This is a phrase I picked up from a former creative director I worked with. In other words, give the viewer something they will remember. Reward them for spending time watching the video. Too often author videos and book trailers simply convey a stream of facts and don’t leave the viewer with anything that stands out and they will remember. This video includes a memorable story that I think people will want to share.

View it for your self and let me know what you think.

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Michael Hyatt, Chairman of Thomas Nelson, talks with Kevin Weiss, CEO of Author Solutions, about the state of self publishing

Mike Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson has an outstanding blog at This past week he posted an interview with Kevin Weiss where they discussed self publishing.  In this candid discussion, Mike and Kevin address the questions:

  • What is self-publishing and how does it differ from vanity publishing?
  • What advantages does self-publishing have over traditional publishing?
  • What kind of authors can benefit the most from self-publishing?
  • Who are some examples of self-published authors who have succeeded?
  • What should an author expect to spend to self-publish a book

I think you will find the interview very helpful.

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Thomas Nelson picks up self-published title: Three Cups

When Thomas Nelson launched Westbow Press, there was the promise that they would watch the titles for sales velocity and if they saw one, they would pick up. Some critics shrugged at the idea of this “farm team” concept and said it was simply a money play. Not true. Nelson just announced the pick up of a title called, Three Cups. I have read the book. It is quite good. Here’s video interview with the authors that tells the story.