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Even in the media drenched times in which we live, books still impact lives in unique and signficant ways.

A number of years ago, I wrote a white paper titled, The Democratization of Publishing.  I suggested then that one of the key benefits of self publishing was not just getting to market quicker or earning more royalties, but using books to make a difference in the lives of others. Author Solutions (AS) has recently started a campaign that validates that claim.

Under the banner of Real Authors, Real Impact, AS is highlighting authors that have published a book for the purpose of impacting others. In this campaign, there are stories of authors who have promoted organ donation and saved countless lives, helped raise awareness of domestic sex slavery, even helped changed laws.  You can find the complete list of stories in the campaign on the Author Solutions site by clicking here. 

In the meantime, this video is a compilation of some of the stories you will see in the campaign. If you wonder if your book can make a difference, watch the video. I think you will find it to be motivating and inspirational.


4 thoughts on “Even in the media drenched times in which we live, books still impact lives in unique and signficant ways.

  1. Thanks Keith … its lovely to hear about / read something like this. The ‘written word’ is a powerful tool, especially when it can motivate, heal, guide or teach someone … impacting other lives is a wonderful expression of our creativity.

    Later in the year I am publishing a collection of uplifitng ‘life lessons’ from 3 of my previous books in the I am I: The In-Dweller of Your Heart series. I know you mentioned that AS can possibly provide me with a publishing route because i would like it to be a hardback … though its 500+ pages so will need to look at all the costings / options.

    Thanks for all your inspirational posts. Peace.
    Dave- AscensionForYou

      • Hi Keith! Hope your well and going from strength to strength in your endeavours! I’m having alot of problems with wordpress and my blog ( and its redirected site) … so hope this message reaches you.
        I am definately interested in producing a hardback book later in the year … rather than using Createspace, Smashwords and kindle for a planned ‘collection’ comprising my last 3 books rolled into . At the moment, i think it’ll be ready in the Autumn, it’s about 550 pages in length, but it would be fab to check out potential options and possible costs at this stage. Many thanks again, David Knight

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