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Phase 2 of a successful book marketing campaign: Once you submit your manuscript.

In an earlier post, I introduced the idea that there are three phases of a successful marketing campaign. The first phase is Before You Submit Your Manuscript. Phase 2 is Once You Submit Your Manuscript. This is when you truly begin to prepare the groundwork for the launch of your book.

marketing-381x300Here are the key things to focus on during this critical phase.

Sometimes called the “elevator pitch,” this is the two-minute speech you would give to get media outlets
interested in featuring your book. Above all, make sure your pitch is brief, clear and unique. Don’t just talk about your book, but make sure you talk about the topic of your book in your pitch.

One of the key elements of your marketing plan should be a book launch party. This is a way to generate
interest and start the grassroots promotion of your book. In addition, if done correctly, it may be a way to gain important media attention. Be creative in your planning and location. Tie it in to the theme or subject of your book. And don’t forget to have fun. Publishing a book is an accomplishment. Take pride in your achievement.

Marketing your book takes work, but if you prepare appropriately, it can be a lot of fun.

Most local churches, bookstores and libraries welcome authors who are interested in speaking or holding
book signings, but they want to plan for them in advance. So even before your book is available, make
contact with locations that you think would host a book signing. However, do not set a date until your book is available for purchase.

When it comes time to invite people to your events, you want to have a quick and easy list you can use to distribute announcements. Prepare that list now, and be sure to accommodate for both email and regular mail.

When you approve your author copy at the end of the publishing production process, send out your
invitations to your book launch, and include local members of the media in your list.

A sustained effort is another key to an effective book marketing campaign. Establish the discipline of setting a
calendar of your activities for the coming year and planning the investment needed to accomplish those tasks. It will keep you accountable and help you reach your goal of connecting with as many readers as possible.

Marketing your book takes work, but if you prepare appropriately, it can be a lot of fun. This is when you get to take the manuscript that you have worked on for so long and put it into the hands of readers. There is not many things more thrilling for an author than that.


9 thoughts on “Phase 2 of a successful book marketing campaign: Once you submit your manuscript.

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  2. Hi Keith,
    I just listened to the recording of your Self-Publishing with Balboa Press with Reid Tracy and you guys talked about building the platform, working on a marketing plan as early as possible in the writing process. I’ve been working on that, I have a Balboa package including Developmental Editing and I would like to have my webpage and social media set up (included in the package), but Balboa tells me they will do that when we step into Design. This is too late, from my point of view. Any chance you guys rethink your process a little and help me get this stuff done while we edit the manuscript?
    Thanks for looking into this!

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