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Self published author and speaker, Terry Hawkins, gets publishing deal with traditional publisher.

For some time, I have been saying this is the best time in history to be an author because there is more than one path to publishing and more than one way for an author to get picked up by a traditional publisher. Terry Hawkins is another great example of how self publishing can lead to even bigger opportunities.

Terry founded a professional training company, People in Progress Global, in 1989. Since then, educating businesses and individuals has been her passion, and along the way she has helped more than 300,000 professionals find their drive and realize their goals. She is a native of Australia so before her relocation to the USA she was one of the most sought-after, award winning female speaker down under.

Choosing iUniverse as her self publishing services company

Because of her busy speaking schedule she used the publishing package path to get her book “Why Wait to be Great?” self published through iUniverse. In the video below she explains how iUniverse took a good book and made it great.  Once in the market, the book gained the attention of Barrett-Koehler, which is a respected publisher who  welcomes authors who share in its mission of “Creating a World That Works for All.” 

Publishing her book is one way she hopes to encourage people

In the press release announcing the acquisition, Terry made this comment,  “It’s been my life’s work to help people achieve their goals and experience success both personally and professionally,” said Hawkins. “With the help of Barrett-Koehler and iUniverse, the methods and teachings I’ve used in my own life to overcome great adversity and throughout my career, are now available to everyone in ‘Why Wait to be Great,’ and I hope it encourages others to deal with their pain and follow their dreams just as I have with my own.”


5 thoughts on “Self published author and speaker, Terry Hawkins, gets publishing deal with traditional publisher.

      • Getting a deal from a traditional publisher after self publishing is one of the opportunities and benefits of being a self published author. Aside from this, there is also an open opportunity of getting a movie deal just like some self published books I know that have received film offers.

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