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The War That Came Home–a self published book that is helping thousands of families deal with the aftermath of war.

One of the things I discovered years ago  is that one of the strongest motivations for publishing a book is because the author believes he or she has something to say that can help others. In most cases, that “something” has been learned from experience. One recent example is the book The War That Came Home written by Andrea Carlile and published by AuthorHouse.

In this very personal account, Andrea shares the struggle she and her husband went through when he returned from the war in Iraq.  The website provides this summary of the book:

The War That Came Home is one spouse’s journey to face the lingering effects of war. She faces many obstacles as the battles escalate throughout this harrowing account, told through her own eyes. She walks an uncertain future, while visiting a colorful past. Through her tale, she represents the battered woman, spouse of the veteran, and wife and mother in marriage. Each is brought to life vividly as she engages in this war that enters her home. Through her discovery, she finds her Heavenly Father and hope to face her own hell. Her story is an example to any who need inspiration to face their own personal battles with the wars faced in life: the battered, the broken, the veteran, and the non-veteran. Take the journey and discover your own feelings of hope and strength.

While this book is a memoir of sorts, it calls attention to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which is challenging many families and marriages as our brave men and women return from war.  In fact, the Indianapolis Star recently ran a front page story about this book and the Carliles with the hope that their story will give others hope in the midst of the struggle.

Now I have not read the book, but I wanted to call  attention to the fact that a book like this can help many people and self publishing makes that possible.  I hope if you have overcome an obstacle or struggle, you too will take the time to share your story.  As I say to aspiring authors all the time: Publishing a book isn’t just about book sales, it is an opportunity to impact other people with your writing. The War That Came Home is a great example of that.


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