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Books are the new business card says Fast Company magazine. Funny, we said that back in 2009.

Recently Fast Company magazine ran an article titled, Why Books Are The Ultimate New Business Card. It was a helpful piece that summarized why books are so key for those in the business or consulting world. Here are four important statements from the article that I thought you would find interesting.

  • Books are no longer simply books, they are branding devices and credibility signals–not to mention the reason their authors command large speaking or consulting fees.
  • Authors have diversified their income streams, and many make substantially more money through new business generated by a book, rather than from it.
  • Today, authors are in the idea-making business, not the book business. In short, this means that publishing a book is less about sales and much more about creating a brand
  • For an author looking to break into this market, it wouldn’t be about courting critics or seeking award nominations. Rather, their book needs to prove that they are an interesting or attractive storyteller with relevant ideas.

This piece was quite good, but the premise is something I have been saying  since 2009. In fact, Smart Money magazine ran an article in July of that year which made similar statements as the Fast Company article based on a press release we did at ASI. That doesn’t make the recent article less relevant or important.  I just wanted to point out that authors have seen this opportunity for some time and if you are not taking advantage of how self publishing can help you, it is time to get that book done.

Here are some examples of books that are being used as calling cards by authors and helping them build a brand.  They are targeted at very different audiences, but are all intended to support a business practice and give the authors greater credibility as they work to build their reputation.


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