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Full-service (Traditional) publishers are rethinking what they can offer so says industry expert Mike Shatzkin

The past few years have brought about more upheaval in the publishing industry than in the previous 400 years combined. From the time Gutenberg invented the printing press, till the introduction of the paperback, there weren’t many ground-breaking moves. However, since the late 90’s, the publishing world has gone through an indie revolution similar to what we have seen in the film and music industries and the changes have been dramatic.

Industry expert Mike Shatzkin offers thoughtful insights on what the changes in publishing mean for tradtional publishers.

Blogs and social media are filled with commentary about what all this means for authors and publishers. My survey finds lots of critics and fear mongers, but few who are offering clear and helpful insight as to what the implications of this revolution are for the industry and consumer. The one exception to that statement is Mike Shatzkin. 

According to his bio, Mike is  the Founder & CEO of The Idea Logical Company and  has been involved in the publishing business for nearly 50 years. He has written or co-authored six books that have been published by established companies and just issued his first self-published ebook, a collection of two years of his blog posts called “The Shatzkin Files, Volume 1.”For the past two decades, he has been a thought leader and among the most prominent observers of the industry’s transition to the digital era.  His long history in publishing and willingness to embrace and even predict where the changes might take us enables him to offer a unique and refreshing perspective.

Recently he offered a blog post titled, “Full-service (Traditional) publishers are rethinking what they can offer”. The post is too lengthy to repost here, but I highly recommend you read it if you would like to better understand how traditional publishers are thinking about how they need to remake their business going forward. Just simply click here or on the Shatzkin Files image

In the post and subsequent comments, Mike addresses where publishers have historically added value, how that is changing and what they may do going forward. If you are interested in understanding how traditional publishers might adapt to the revolution taking place, it is a post worth reading.


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