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Booktango + Sooner football = Interesting new way to use e-books.

Matt Hofeld is the site manager for the popular Oklahoma Sooners’ fan-site Crimson And Cream Machine. He is a passionate follower of Oklahoma football and has been covering the team as a writer since 2004.  Every year before now he would publish The Sooner Kickoff report as a magazine, which meant there were printing and mailing costs that made production and delivery to rabid Sooner fans increasingly costly. 

Using Booktango, the 2012 Sooner Football Guide is now an ebook instead of a magazine.

For this season, Matt chose to publish an e-book this year using Booktango. So The 2012 Sooner Kickoff report is available for download on any device anywhere and at anytime. For a publication that is typically  in a magazine format, an e-book is an interesting and cost-saving alternative to connect with fans. In addition, by using Booktango, enabled Matt to publish his e-book and distribute it to all major e-reading devices and to leading book resellers for free. He no longer has to worry about unsold magazines and shipping costs, and now can reach a broader audience and never have to worry about running out of copies to sell.

The 2012 Sooner Kickoff book includes:

  • In-depth previews for all 12 of Oklahoma’s 2012 opponents
  • Special features on Landry Jones, the return of Mike Stoops and the Cali Trio
  • Position breakdowns
  • Team procedures
  • A look at each 2012 newcomer

“The expectations are always high at Oklahoma, and this year is no exception,” writes “With a four-year starter at quarterback and an experienced offensive line the foundation is there for 2012 to be a great season. Will the Sooners be up to the challenge of their schedule?” Only time will tell.  But I thought this was a very interesting way to use a fast free and easy e-book publishing platform to get content into the hands of rabid fans.


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