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Michael Hyatt offers his recipe for success: Content + Platform

I did a post a few days ago that introduced you to Michael Hyatt’s new book, Platform, Getting Noticed in a Noisy World.  It is a very helpful book written by someone who has years of experience working with authors and personally building his own platform. In this interview, Mike starts off by talking about how the days of the author writing the book and the publisher selling the book are over. Authors have to be engaged in marketing and connecting with an audience and this book gives practical, insightful, helpful advice on how to do that. In this interview, Mike talks about the two key elements for success in today’s marketplace: content and a platform.


2 thoughts on “Michael Hyatt offers his recipe for success: Content + Platform

  1. I was told to purchase this book and have done so … very glad I did. I find it exciting and interesting that I have employed Michael’s recommendations instinctively, FB page(s), Twitter, Linkedin and blogging, so I find “Platform” validating. It gives me happy feet! But … having said that, I have so much more to learn and implement while building my platform high above the competing noise. Thank you Michael for sharing your knowledge in book form and Keith for posting this valuable piece.
    Kay Oswalt

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