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Which authors benefit the most from self-publishing?

In this short video, Pete Nikolai, Director of Backlist Development and Publishing Services at Thomas Nelson, shares his thoughts on why self publishing is a great option for new authors. Pete has varied background in publishing including working in retail bookstores for a period of his career so he brings a broad set of experiences to his point of view. The video is featured on the Author Learning Center currently and provides some simple insights that can help you on your publishing journey.  Some of his key points include:

  • Each author needs to look at his or needs and decide how they can best be published.  That may not sound like a profound statement, but I think what is important is even a few years ago, there were no options. Now an author can choose to do it all themselves using a publishing platform like Booktango, use an assisted self-publishing company like many of the imprints at Author Solutions or pursue a traditional route. Each of these options has particular benefits. If you want to understand the differences more clearly and what you need to do to succeed as a self-published author, you may want to download the 99 cent e-book, 7 secrets of successful self-published authors.
  • New authors benefit most because it helps them get there book in the marketplace. This is perhaps the most important benefit to self-publishing: speed-to-market. Instead of waiting for years to see if it will be available to readers, self-publishing allows the book to get out in the marketplace. That way consumers can be the curators of content, not just editors at big publishing houses.
  • It lets the messages that consumers want to respond to stand on their own. Because of changing economics, traditional publishers are having to drastically reduce the number of choices for consumers. Self-publishing gives consumers more choices and books that would otherwise be ignored by big houses because they do not have mass appeal. This does mean not all the books that get published will be well-written or well-produced, but that is still no reason to limit the opportunity of writers to get published. Readers are smart. They will find the good books and tell others about them. Self-publishing makes that possible.

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