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Wow! Booktango lets you keep full sale price of your e-book.

For some time I have been saying this is the best time in history to be an author and nothing I have seen recently leads me to believe otherwise. There are more opportunities for authors to get their books published then ever before. One of the more recent options for authors to consider is Booktango. This free DIY e-book publishing platform has a easy-to-use editor and cover designer, distribution to all e-readers and something no else offers: A true 100 percent royalty.

Booktango made the announcement in a May 1 press release. In the release, Chris Bass, Marketing Director for Booktango said, “For the first time, e-book authors can now publish for free and keep the entire sale price of their e-book. That means if an e-book is sold for $4.99 through the Booktango bookstore, the author gets the full $4.99,” That is as good as it gets when it comes to royalties to authors.


18 thoughts on “Wow! Booktango lets you keep full sale price of your e-book.

    • keithogorek says:

      You do not need to purchase a package to upload your own image. You actually have four choices to create a fantastic cover for your book.

      1. Upload your cover – It sounds like your cover is completely finished and this is the option you want.
      2. Upload an image – this is for authors who have an image but will use our DIY Cover Designer to finalize their cover
      3. Find an Image – this is for authors who want to use the gallery of images available in our DIY Cover Designer to finalize their cover
      4. Get a Custom Cover – this is for authors who want to have us design their cover. It is the only option that costs money.

      The first three options are available for free. We’ve made it easier, faster and better with more choices for authors to create publish and distribute their e-book.

      • Thanks for clarifying that. If I didn’t have the option of using my own cover I was going to give Booktango a miss. But you have doused my concerns. Look out for me on there soon.

      • keithogorek says:

        That’s great to hear. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. One of the great joys of writing a manuscript is seeing your book for sale. Let me know when it goes live.

      • keithogorek says:

        That’s sounds great, but remember with Booktango you get distribution to every e-reader including Kindle. You don’t have to manage a bunch of accounts. Booktango does it all for you.

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