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From self published author to selling 30 million books: Louise Hay shares her story.

If you do not know Louise Hay, you really need to listen to her tell her story of how she went from self publishing her first book to selling over 30 million copies in multiple languages over these past years. Louise is the author of many books, but the one that put her on the map was “You Can Heal Your Life”. In this video she explains how that book came to be and what has happened since then, including founding Hay House publishing.  As you listen to her story, you will find there are important lessons for any author to remember. I encourage you to watch the complete video, but here are just a few of the highlights

  1. The title of your book matters. The first title Louise had for the book, You Can Heal Your Life, was actually titled, The Metaphysical Causes of Diseases. That is not a title that rolls off the tongue so she changed it to make the title more more memorable and accessible to people and the rest is history.
  2. The design and packaging of your book matters. When she first self published, she went to bookstores and watched what people did. That research led her to realize that unless your book has the right title and is designed the right way, people will not pick it up.
  3. The most important motivation for publishing is not money. The most important reason for publishing is because you think you have something to say or share that can help people. She has a great quote in the interview, “Books will not make you rich, but they will open the door to some many other possibilities.”
  4. Self publishing lets you retain control of your content. While this statement seems rather obvious, it is an important reminder of the reason why indie publishing has grown so dramatically. Louise did not want anyone changing what she wanted to say.

The video is nearly nine minutes long, but it is worth watching. Enjoy.


8 thoughts on “From self published author to selling 30 million books: Louise Hay shares her story.

  1. How wonderful to hear her say it is a spiritual journey. It’s just something you have to do. And writing is.Ms Hay is a delightful person and I wish I were there in the session. Thank you

  2. Perceptive tips that will get indie authors far. Too often I see authors who undervalue a good cover (yes, people judge a book by its cover), illegible book titles, etc. Be smart, savvy, and do anything you can, as the publisher and author, to make the best book possible.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • keithogorek says:

      Louise’s story is quite an inspiration. I hope it motivates those with manuscripts in their drawer to get published. As I tell authors all the time, I don’t know how many books you will sell if you publish, but I know how many you will sell if you don’t.

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