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4 easy ways to build content and a following on your blog

One of the best ways to build an audience for your book or books is build a following on a blog. Yet when I speak to many authors about creating a blog, they are often hesitant because of the amount of writing and work they believe is involved. While it does take some work to have a blog, there are some things you can do to make the whole process easier and enjoyable. Remember, the reason for having a blog is to build an audience for the topic you are passionate about and while you can write about it your self, there are other things you can do to gather content around the topic that will be relevant to your audience. Here are some ways to do that you may find helpful.

  1. Write a series and make a number of different posts over time. Once you find a topic that your audience is interested in, you should consider writing multiple posts about the topic. In other words, you can write the text at one time but post it in sections over time. It is a great way to get people to keep coming back for more. One example on my blog is the series I have been doing on Ten mistakes a reader will never miss. This blog series has ten parts and focuses on common errors writers make, but editors will catch
  2. Find other blogs that are similar and re-post the content. You need permission to do this and you want to give the original source credit, but you can often find kindred spirits and relevant content on blogs like yours. For example, I was recently interviewed for the Pubslush blog and re-posted their interview on my blog. By re-posting and linking back, I also helped expose my blog to their audience and vice versa.
  3. Comment on recent news releases. If you set your Google alerts for the right words, you will see when relevant news is released on the topics of interest to you. Again, cite the source, but you can re-post the release and add your comments to it. For my blog, I get any release with the words, “indie publishing” or similar phrases.
  4. Do an interview with someone who can provide expertise on a topic of interest. This is a great way to source expert content and add to your following. Recently, I had a question from an author in a comment on how to find a good editor. Rather than answer it myself, I asked Alan Rinzler for his opinion. Alan is one of the most respected consulting editors in the business. His answers were insightful and helpful

I am sure you may have other ideas on how to source good content for a blog. Feel free to share those in the comments section. I will make sure you get the appropriate credit for your suggestions. We can all learn from each other. .


6 thoughts on “4 easy ways to build content and a following on your blog

  1. E.W. Soper says:

    I would add to tip #1: Write on something you know about as a tutorial, use keywords to tag the article, and include plenty of keywords naturally in the content, then watch the search engine referrals come in!

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