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A great idea for self published authors: Use video to promote your book before it is live.

Recently I had a chance to view this video from a first time author who is publishing on Westbow Press. Hunter Smith, who was a punter for the Indianapolis Colts during their championship years,  has written a book titled, The Jersey Effect, which speaks of his faith journey and what he realized about the impact wearing the “jersey” can have on the lives of people. He will be launching the book around the Super Bowl which is taking place in Indianapolis this year and he has released this video prior to the book’s availability.  I think this video has the elements that makes for a good video and it is something any author can replicate. I like this video because”

1. It tells me the inspiration for the book. I think readers want to know what prompted someone to take the time to write. I think it begins to connect reader and author which is a good thing.

2. It is out before the book is available. By releasing the video ahead of the book, it gives it a chance to make the video viral and create demand before the book is available.

3. It “rewards” the viewer for watching. This is a phrase I picked up from a former creative director I worked with. In other words, give the viewer something they will remember. Reward them for spending time watching the video. Too often author videos and book trailers simply convey a stream of facts and don’t leave the viewer with anything that stands out and they will remember. This video includes a memorable story that I think people will want to share.

View it for your self and let me know what you think.


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