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3 ways to kick start the New Year, including a free webinar.

Writing is a solitary work.  Only one person can do it. Being an author, on the other hand, is a communal experience. In fact I find interacting with other authors and industry professionals is one of the most motivating and invigorating things any writer can do. We write by ourselves, but we need each other to be better writers and authors and marketers. That’s why there are three things I want you to be aware of that could be just what you need to start off the new year on the right foot.

  1. Free webinar: 7 Secrets of Successful Self Published Authors–January 10. This is a free webinar from Writers Digest. Click here to register. It is a repeat of the webinar I did in November, which had the most registrations and attendees in the history of WD University. If you register and can’t attend, you will still get an email that allows you to listen to the webinar at a later time.
  2. Writers Digest Conference in New York City–January 20-22. This is one of the premier writing conferences in the country. I will be on a panel with Jane Friedman as well as giving a presentation on secrets of successful self published authors. Click here for registration information and I look forward to seeing you there.
  3. San Francisco Writer’s Conference–February 17-19. One month later, I will be at the San Francisco Writer’s conference. I will have more to say about this conference in a later post, but you can click here to get registration information. I would not wait too long though if you are thinking about attending. They have sold out most years. I am not surprised. They have a very experienced staff and run a great conference. I will be presenting here as well.

Bottom line is don’t go to deep into the year without  finding some encouragement and education from fellow authors. These are some great opportunities to improve your craft and learn how to market. I hope to see you on the webinar or at one of the conferences.


9 thoughts on “3 ways to kick start the New Year, including a free webinar.

    • keithogorek says:

      I will take a look, but you really should look at getting it indie published. A book preserves it in a way, a blog does not.

  1. Keith, I just finished your free webinar on 7 Secrets to Successful Selfpublished Authors.
    Great time, great info. Thank you
    I had answers to most of your questions and it made me feel more secure in pursuing this venture. Soooo onward and again…thank you

  2. Julie Catherine says:

    Keith, I also attended your free webinar on 7 Secrets of Successful Self-Published Authors yesterday, and it gave me a wealth of information that I am very grateful for – thank you for your generosity in making this available to us. I am almost finished the first draft of my very first young adult fiction novel, and am still undecided which way to go in publishing; but I am exploring all my options, so this was very useful to me. Thanks again ~ Julie Catherine

    • keithogorek says:

      Thanks for the kind words. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. One of the great joys of my current role is talking to authors about the day they received the first copy of their book or had a positive review posted or had a reader email them with comments about how much they enjoyed the book. It is quite a thrill.

  3. Great post. I saw you speak in San Francisco last weekend. You were great, very informative and inspiring. You were speaking from the heart and is how I wrote my book and run my nutrition practice, so thanks. I recently published a book and am now looking to market it. Of the seven tips you spoke of, I must know my audience (your tip #1!). I wrote the book first and figured it would find its audience. A bit backwards but I imagine every writer and book is unique. I just had something to say. That is a big reason I went with self-publishing. I did not want someone telling me what to say. Thank you for all the great tips. I will now be following you. Take care.

    Beth Kahn
    Dietitian, educator and author of “A Nutrition Revolution: Uncover the Mysteries of Nutrition”

    • keithogorek says:

      Glad you found the session helpful. The reason why I say audience is important is because it helps focus the marketing efforts. I do think you should write your manuscript to say what you want to say, but it is helpful if you know who you want to promote the book to and where and how you might reach them.

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