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7 secrets of successful self published authors (2nd installment)

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to speak with and observe hundreds of authors, many of whom have self published. What has become clear to me is there are some common characteristics of authors who have achieved their goals versus those who have been disappointed in their results. In a previous post, I suggest the number one secret of successful self published authors was knowing their audience.  Here’s the second secret.


2. They really believe in their work

Believing in her work helped propel Lisa Genova from indie author to New York Times bestselling author

Even in the midst of rejection letter after rejection letter, successful authors have the persistence and commitment to see their book published, which is one of the reasons why indie publishing has grown so rapidly. One of my favorite examples of this type of conviction is Lisa Genova. Lisa had written a book called Still Alice. After piling up rejection letters, she decided to self publish even though she was told by an agent it would ruin her career.  Fact is, the agent could not have been more wrong. Still Alice was published by iUniverse and received great reviews and reader feedback. Simon and Schuster took notice and picked it up for a healthy advance, it debuted at #5 on the New York Times Bestseller list and went on to sell thousands of copies. Today, Lisa now has her second book out and now has a career as an author. Don’t misunderstand me. Passion alone is not enough to carry a bad book to the top of the charts, but authors who have good books and believe in them will be persistent and eventually be successful.

More secrets to come in future posts. Stay tuned.


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