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Long time. No blog. My bad.

I tell writers all the time how hard it is to finish a book, but now I can add keeping up with a blog to my list. I have had so many ideas and things I wanted to write about, but have just had too many competing priorities. That changes today. I have a renewed commitment to keep you abreast of the things I am seeing and hearing that are important to indie authors. Here are some of the topics I have in draft that you can look for in future blog posts.

The Indie Author Conference

Free Night at the conference hotel or save $100 when you register by July 15

This is a first time conference taking place in Indianapolis in October, Lisa Genova, author of Still Alice and Mike Hyatt, chairman of Thomas Nelson are keynotes. Plus, there is an early bird sign up. Free Friday night stay at the hotel or $100 off. Great content. Great speakers. Great deal.

The Author Learning Center

Where can an author find answers to questions on everything from completing a manuscript to building a platform. Plus, find that content in video, podcasts and article formats.  The Author Learning Center.  Video tells you how it works.  Comment on this post and I can get you six months free on the site.


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