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Self publishing: “the no brainer choice”

Bernard Starr used the words in the title of this post in a post  he made on the Huffington Post. The title of his entry

Bernard Starr writes on the Huffington Post

was: Stop Kvetching. Self-Publishing is Here to Stay–And Vaulting Ahead. His exact words were:

As more and more writers and wannabe authors get turned off by the barriers to the traditional publishing world, they find the ease of access to publishing through self-publishing, as well as the potential for a larger share of profits, a no-brainer choice. (emphasis added)

He goes on to make some other important points that only provide additional support that the indie revolution is in full bloom. Here are some of some other key tidbits including a rather coarse but point-making joke.

Many are also discovering that a quality self-published book can still find its way to traditional publishing (if that’s what you want) if it generates a sales track record and is picked up by a publisher or agent.

Would-be authors — especially first-timers — may also be turned off by getting caught in the clutches of editors and agents who can intimidate them into walking gingerly with hat in hand so as not to upset the plantation owners and overseers. That sorry circumstance is captured in the story about a writer who came home much earlier than usual to find his wife in bed with his literary agent. He looked at them in astonishment and said: “This is incredible, it’s unbelievable, it’s mind boggling. My agent actually came to my house.”



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