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Another reason why I like Indie Publishing: Contest winner gets published

I had the honor of announcing the winner of the Indie Publishing Writing Contest which was conducted in conjunction with the San Francisco Writers Conference. Novelist Michael J. Cooper of Lafayette, Calif., was the Grand Prize winner for his submission, “Foxes in the Vineyard.”

L to R. Moi, Indie Publishing Contest Winner, Michael Cooper and Laurie McClean, SFWC chairperson

“Since winning the SFWC Indie Publishing Contest, I’ve hovered between euphoria and disbelief,” Cooper said. “This truly is a lesson in perseverance-after years of writing and rewriting, and after more rejections than I care to remember, winning the contest has opened up a portal to FINALLY being published. I can’t thank the organizers and judges enough.”

His words really capture why indie publishing is such a valuable development for authors. I don’t know how many books Michael will sell. What I do know is he did not write his manuscript to keep it in a drawer. He wrote to get published. Now he will be.


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