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How many people would you have to impact with your writing before publishing is worth it?


One of the most common complaints I hear from the critics of self-publishing is that “those books” don’t sell very many copies. While that may be true in some cases, I think if you only focus on sales through the channel as the measure of success, you largely miss the value of what this publishing opportunity provides.

In fact, there is one question I ask authors who are weighing the pros and cons of waiting for a traditional publisher to call versus investing in indie publishing:

How many people would you have to impact through your writing before you would say the investment was worth it?  

Not surprisingly, the number is usually quite small. Ten or 12 or 20 at most is a typical reply.  So why wait months and months for a letter to come? Make the investment. Get published. Impact others. And in the process, you likely will sell some books.

One of my favorite examples of how this can work is Reg Green. I’ve included a video of Reg’s story. I should warn you, even the hardest man has teared up while watching this video, but it is worth the view and makes the point why indie publishing can’t be measured by channel sales alone

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