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Expert declares: 2010 is the year self publishing lost its stigma

 I have to admit, when I started this blog, I felt a bit like Paul Revere, a lone voice warning of impending change and struggle. But slowly, more and more people have come to realize, that indeed publishing has been engaged in revolutionary change.  A recent example is an article written by Carla King on the blog Media Shift. The title of the article, is actually the title to this blog post.

Blog post on declares stigma is gone from self-publishing

In her post, she gives ten reasons why 2010 was a turning point. Here are some of the key ones.

  • Ease of technology attracts traditionally published authors to go indi
  • The social graph makes conversations and recommendations easier
  • Online communities and curation continue to grow
  • Out-of-print titles continue to be revived, shared, and sold
  • The single-purpose e-book reader phases out
  • Transmedia “immersive” books and apps become more common

The full article is worth a read. The Revolution is happening.


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