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New Film Project Partnership Illustrates Content’s Endless Potential

Author Solutions, Inc. announced recently an exclusive first-look film project partnership with Hollywood agency Principal Entertainment. Essentially, it gives Principal the first opportunity to check out new ASI titles and consider them for optioning as possible film projects.

This announcement perfectly illustrates that in this ever-expanding indie world the potential for content to be adapted across platforms is making exciting new opportunities available to its creators. In books we see that a book is no longer just about ink on paper; but includes ebooks and apps and vooks and audio books. The choices for consumers are endless and the barriers for writers to reach consumers have been toppled.

The Principal partnership represents another obstacle on the verge of disappearing. As more authors and artists choose the “indie way,” Hollywood has started looking high and low at content that might never have seen the light of day in an earlier era.

“They” say content is king. With writers increasingly contolling the fate of their works, “they” may have to alter that statement to say “content creators are king!”


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