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Gulliver’s Travels App from ASI App Developer Just Released

The holiday season is a popular time for movie releases and this year one of the films getting some buzz is an adaptation of the classic Jonathan Swift tale — Gulliver’s Travels.
ASI app developer, Inverted Pear, recently released its app adaptation — for the iPad and iPhone — and it is nothing short of astounding. Custom illustrations and unique sound effects and a music score make this app an exciting adventure for the entire family.
Again, this further advances the conversation about the evolution of books. No longer just printed words pages, new formats are allowing stories to leap off the pages and come to life. If you have an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch; check the Gulliver app out at
Even more exciting is that ASI, through its app developer Inverted Pear, is making app production services available to authors. Offerings range from simple flipbook apps to major interactive productions like Gulliver. Interested in bringing your book to life, start by checking out
And stay tuned for more great adventures in publishing coming in 2011!


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