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Indie authors and Indie book sellers unite!

For some time I have been suggesting in this blog that change in publishing is afoot. In fact, this blog started to be a place to track the indie publishing revolution. Authors have been the first to embrace the new opportunities to put their books in the hands of readers. Now it appears booksellers are also beginning to see the benefit of working with indie authors. On the blog, Shelf Awareness, Robert Gray gathers opinions from a number of key people on the changes taking place. Nancy Mills, publisher of Pie in the Sky publishing, provides this valuable insight.

Writers, publishers, booksellers and independent publishers, up until just a year or so ago, were all working independently, frequently divisively and with contempt for each other. The lines have been blurred so, now, more than ever before, it’s critical that each component work together. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts so it is my opinion that, finally, we can all play together, nicely, as opposed to separately and divisively. What benefits one, benefits all and working together, harmoniously instead of contentiously, will make the entire industry better, stronger and more vital.”


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