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Is Indie Publishing reaching a Tipping Point?

I am re-reading the book The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. It really is a fascinating book. Gladwell’s main point is that “epidemics” spread because of three factors: The Law of the Few; The Stickiness of a Message; and The Power of Context.

I think Indie Publishing may be reaching a Tipping Point

I have chosen this book as my current reading project, because I have had the nagging thought that Indie Publishing is at a tipping point. I find more and more people using the term to describe  what has been previously referred to as only self publishing.  A few examples come to mind. First, Outskirts Press, who is a competitor to Author Solutions, invites authors to join the Indie Revolution in banner ads. Writers Digest, a publication that has not been highly favorable toward self publishing has a book on their site titled,  The Indie Author Guide.  Finally, as reported previously, The San Francisco Writers conference has dubbed their writing contest, the Indie Publishing contest.  Now, there are still critics and naysayers, but I think Indie authors may finally be gaining the respect and mainstream acceptance Indie film makers and musicians enjoy.  If so, 2011 should be and even better year for authors.


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