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Literary Agents Open the Door to Self-Published Writers

A few weeks ago I did an interview with Alan Rinzler, who writes a blog for Forbes. Alan has a long career in publishing, but has recently provided some insightful comments regarding the revolution taking place.

Agents are looking for self-published titles. Another sign the indie revolution is having an impact

In his latest post, he talk to a number of agents, who like me, see the relationship between agents and self published authors changing. Hence, the title for this post is actually the title of the post Alan made on Forbes. You can read the complete post on Forbes, but the following quote from Nathan Bransford, the popular publishing blogger and agent for Curtis Brown in San Francisco sums up the point Alan tries to make.

“I definitely am on the lookout for self-published books, and have clients who started out self-publishing. I wouldn’t say that I have strict criteria for which self-published projects I take on. It’s all case-by-case.”


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