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What I learned at the Indie Author Weekend booksignings

I participated in two booksignings so far this weekend for my children’s book, Eli the Stable Boy.

The key to making a book signing work is having a pitch about your book to people walking by the table

It has been very fun, but also very informative. A few key things I learned so far. First, you have to be willing to ask people if they are interested in a new book. You can’t just sit there and hope people stop at your table. Second, you need to have a tightly worded pitch. In other words, be ready to tell the reader in a few words why they should be interested in the book. Also, offer to sign it and dedicate it. Third, ask them if they have someone who they might be able to give the book to as a gift.  A few people bought the book because they are going to give it as a gift. I have another signing tomorrow and will update after then. Nothing beats talking to the readers.


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