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Indie Author Weekend Oct. 8-10

I’m really excited that Author Solutions is partnering with some Borders locations in Seattle and Indianapolis this weekend for the inaugural Indie Author Weekend. In what we hope will become an annual event, local authors will hold book signings at Borders bookstores near their homes. I’ll even be signing copies of my childrens book — Eli the Stable Boy — at a couple of stores!

Here’s the info. I’ll put together a full schedule and post it tomorrow.

This event brings up an interesting topic: With the increased popularity of eBooks and more books being purchased through online book outlets, will brick-and-mortar bookstores disappear?

My answer to this question is an emphatic NO! Bookstores are evolving and becoming community gathering places; a cultural center of sorts in some communities. I think an event like Indie Author Weekend, which gives local authors the opportunity to meet readers in their communities, perfectly illustrates the unique place bookstores hold in our communities. Online outlets will never replace the experience of browsing and “talking books” at your local store.

What say you?


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