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Dracula HD iPad App Now Available!

The long awaited Dracula HD app for the iPad, which was developed by Author Solutions developer Inverted Pear, is now available through the iTunes App Store — go here and get it now! It’s a great app for fans of vampires and Halloween and it  got me thinking again about “what is a book?”

A book certainly isn’t just print on paper between two covers. Books now come in all formats (eBooks, apps, vooks, audio etc.) and are more accessible to more readers than ever before. Almost monthly, there’s a new digital platform for consuming books. And as the number of delivery systems grow, the overall popularity of digital and electronic books increases. Recently, I read that Amazon reported that during the first half of 2010, it sold 180 Kindle eBooks for every 100 hardcover books. And now with the emergence of books as apps;  readers’ experiences are enhanced by animation and sound.

It’s a great time to be a reader; and probably the best time ever to be an author!!


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