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The future of Publishing: According to Alan Rinzler

Earlier this week, Alan Rinzler, a veteran and well-respected consulting editor, posted an interview with moi on his

Alan Rinzler suggests self published authors may have the last laugh in the indie revolution

blog, The Book Deal, An Inside View of Publishing. Alan has nearly five decades in the publishing industry and continues to present, teach and work with clients. I think he presented a very fair and balanced view of where publishing is going or could go. I especially appreciate his recognition that the role of the agent is still going to be important, but will likely change. This is a blog worth watching if you are interested in the future of publishing. In particular, Rinzler sees the changes in the industry as benefiting writers. In his words:

If you’re tired and exasperated at waiting, waiting, and then waiting some more for agents and publishers to wake up and pay attention to your book…take a look at self-publishing.

It’s not what it used to be. Self-publishing has grown exponentially and achieved an unprecedented degree of legitimacy.


2 thoughts on “The future of Publishing: According to Alan Rinzler

  1. indiewriter53 says:

    I agree! after years of having some books published by small press and searching for an agent, I went the indie route on Amazon with NO REST FOR THE WICCA.

    Hope you guys will check it out!

    there’s a part of me, though, that still prefers the paper books.

    • keithogorek says:

      I think there will always be a place for paper books and there will always be a place for good stories to be told. Keep writing.

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