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Video Trailers Are Key in Book Marketing

We talk about how indie book publishing is leveling the playing field for the “non-superstar” author. So too, is the increasing popularity of streaming video and portals like YouTube. Gone are the days when authors would need the support of a publisher and its budget to shoot, produce and air a commercial promoting their newest works. As indie book publishing has democratized the process of publishing a book; the YouTubes of the world have made it possible for indie authors to run commercials, called book trailers, to bring their books to the world.

The New York Times ran a July 9 article about the emerging importance of the book trailer in marketing a book. It included interviews with authors; some of whom were skiddish about their own video debuts, and outlined the successes of several who’d posted trailers that garnered tens of thousands of views. There are differing views on how many readers discover the books they read through trailers, but one survey reported that four out of ten teens — the next generation of book and e-book buyers — like to see book trailers; and 46 percent had watched a book trailer on YouTube.

As consumers continue to migrate to the Web to make their purchasing decisions; social media sites’ explosive growth continues; and more readers choose digital formats for consuming books; the trailer is becoming “an essential component of online marketing.”

So authors everywhere, it’s time to get over your stage fright. Lights! Camera! Action!


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