authors, self publishing

Book publishing is simply becoming self-publishing.

That’s the statement made in the NY Times magazine article, “Authors Unbound Online”. The writer Virginia Hefferen reports that the latest Bowker stats point to the fact that the revolution I’ve been talking about in this column has likely taken place.

Some other statements worth noting from her piece:

Self-published books also look great these days — altogether booky

As has happened with other media in this heyday of user-generated content, last century’s logic has been turned on its head:  small and crafty can beat big and branded.

….self-published books are not just winning in terms of numbers but also making up ground in cachet.

As I have stated from the outset, if you can find a publisher that will give you a big advance and throw a bunch of money behind marketing, take the deal. But don’t let that be the only criteria you use to decided on whether you should publish or not.  Self-publishing has allowed authors to be unbound.


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