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Tech crunch has some crisp comments

Last week, the Web site, Techcrunch, posted the press release announcing Author Solutions distribution deal with Barnes and Noble to offer ASI published books on the Nook.

ASI published books are now available on the Nook

The release drew a number of interesting comments. I have pulled a couple I thought provided some interesting insights regarding the changes taking place right now in publishing.

People in the news business didn’t take bloggers seriously, didn’t take the web seriously and are getting killed. Once there are distribution channels for authors to circumvent book publishers, especially for what you disparaging refer to as vanity authors but are, in effect, the publisher’s equivalent of bloggers, there are ways of authors to sell their books in the new mediums being released. And many of us are using the books as ways to attract clients and business and the additional money is a nice bonus.

This is great for everyone in the long run. Yes, they may be smaller vanity presses now, but they are the early adopters. Just like the music/tv biz, the large houses need someone to prove the model to them.

The other key benefit here is a standardized book format being enforced by the ereader platform/nook/kindle. Books will have to conform to specific formatting requirements to get on the readers. A single publishing standard could be a big help in searching for books and research.

Everyone is an expert in something…


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