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Writing your marketing plan is as important as your manuscript.

As authors, we write because we are inspired to tell a story, or have something to say to help people or just enjoy it. However, if we are going to be as successful at selling books as we are at writing books, we need to think about the marketing plan for the book when we are writing the manuscript. In fact, the best way to think about marketing is in three phases. Phase one is before you submit your manuscript for publication. Phase two is when your book is in production, but not in release. Phase three is book live and beyond.  What you do at each phase is critical to making the most out of marketing your book. AuthorHive, the new marketing services company, launched by Author Solutions has a helpful book marketing guide that gives tips on what to do at each phase. You can request a copy here.

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Self publishing is the talk of the conference

I am at the San Francisco Writers conference and you can definitely feel the shift in the wind. More and more speakers are encouraging writers to self publish and then look for a traditional publisher to pick them up. Agents are also confessing they look at self-published books for potential books to pitch. This is not something you would have heard even two years ago.