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The power of Indie is catching on

For the past 18 months, I have been suggesting that self publishing is simply the evolution of the publishing industry in a way that is similar to what we have have already seen in the film and music industry. I wrote a white paper, which is available on the Author Solutions web site, which details that development.

Initially, people in the publishing industry reacted negatively to this characterization of self publishing because they were connecting  the idea to an “independent press”, not an independant artist creating, controlling and promoting his or her work.

But it appears, more and more people are seeing self-publishing as truly the next Indie revolution. Rob Asghar, posted an article on the Huffington Post titled, “Going Indie Rebranding the New Wave of Authors”.

In his article, he recaps the frustration of trying to get published through and agent and his decision to self publish. In one section, he makes this observation,

Indie publishing isn’t “there” yet — but it’s darned close. And any good first-time writer, who’ll have to do his or her own marketing anyway, unless her name is, say, Hillary Clinton, has to take it seriously as a place to invest one’s personal literary treasures. And indie publishing, as its name implies, promises autonomy, freedom from the whims of traditionalists telling how they’ll allow you to tell your story.

Well said.


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