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If publishing a book is on your bucket list, here’s how you cross it off

That’s the title of a seminar I gave yesterday at the AARP convention in Las Vegas. It was a packed room because more and more people are becoming frustrated and disillusioned with trying to get published through a traditional imprint. In my talk, I explained there are three ways to get your book completed.

  • First is vanity press, which is not really publishing because in most cases, the book is not in distribution.
  • The second is to go the traditional route and shop your manuscript through an agent if you can get one.  I didn’t have to tell the audience how frustrating that can be. They already knew– although I did tell them if they can get someone to write them a big advance check, take it.
  • The third option is indie book publishing. Yes, an investment by the author is needed, but the book gets done and out into the hands of readers and in distribution.  If you believe in your work, why not invest in it. 

The reponse was great and I think we are going to see more and more authors join the next Indie Revolution.


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