How can ebooks help authors sell more books?

One of the hottest topics in publishing today is the impact ebooks will have on readers, authors and the overall industry. There are a mulitude of technolgy companies competing to be the dominant format.  Kindle. Sony Reader and Apple with their new tablet seem to all be in a content race. What will the outcome be? I don’t think anyone can say for sure, but I believe all this is good for authors. Why? Ebooks and the various formats have the ability to put content in the hands of readers in more ways than ever before. More content in more ways mean that readers will be exposed to authors, ideas and stories they otherwise might not have had opportunity to read.  In short, it gives authors more exposure, which ultimately should lead to more sales.  So if you have been debating what to do, I say embrace the change. You might not make as much money on ebook sales, but I believe if readers like your writing, they will buy your book.


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