If filmmakers can do it, why can’t authors?


Earlier this month, The New York Times ran an article with the headline, “As Studios Cut Their Budgets, Indie Filmmakers Go Do-It-Yourself.”

In the article the writer makes the following observation about the changing landscape for the marketing of films:

“Here is how it used to work: aspiring filmmakers playing the cool auteur in hopes of attracting the eye of a Hollywood power broker.

“Here is the new way: filmmakers doing it themselves — paying for their own distribution, marketing films through social networking sites and Twitter blasts, putting their work up free on the Web to build a reputation, cozying up to concierges at luxury hotels in film festival cities to get them to whisper into the right ears.”

I would suggest authors are following this same path. As traditional publishers contract their marketing dollars and focus on celebrity authors, more and more authors are finding they can use social media to build a platform and develop a following for their work.

In coming posts, I will share some examples of authors who are doing this.


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