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The new world for authors

If you have a manuscript and want to get published, the world has changed. Yes, there are still some deals being done, but the fact is,  most authors are finding indie book publishing is the way to get their work into the market. This blog will offer insightful information to help writers understand their options when it comes to getting published.

In addition, I want to help authors better understand how to effectively market their books.  As traditional publishing has contracted, more and more authors are becoming the driving force behind marketing their book. How does that get done? This blog will help.


4 thoughts on “The new world for authors

  1. keithogorek says:

    Thanks for the feed back. I will have someone contact you to explain how you can join the thousands of authors who a part of the next indie revolution.

  2. kofiquaye says:

    Having published a number of books with Authorhouse and Xlibris, before it was acquired by Authorhouse and later, I consider myself an indie publisher with experience and insight into what is generally referred to as on demand publishing. Publishing with Authorhouse and Xlibris was quite an experience for me in terms of the quality of work and product, the harmonious interaction between author and your staff, smooth transition from one phase to another in the publication process. It was a beauty. I was impressed, very satisfied and even encouraged and returned not once, not
    twice, but possibly more than eight times over the course of the past few years. I have coordinated book publishing projects for and on behalf of authors whose books were published by your company. Even as I write now, I have two books getting ready to roll off the presses.
    My experience this time around with my last two books has been less than smooth. The coordination between different departments handling various aspects of the production process appears to be out of sync; far too many small mistakes and duplication creating confusion.
    Is it the result of the merger or acquisition or growing pains as a result fo expansion? I don’t know. I could be over reacting too. I just thought I’ll let you know.

    • keithogorek says:

      I appreciate your comments and want you to know that we are more commited to customer service than ever before. We have created a team approach to the production of a book so that coordination between the various departments will run very smoothly. We look forward to publishing your next book.

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