How long should an author wait to get published?

This past April, I attended the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on the UCLA campus. A woman stopped by our booth to learn about self publishing because her 84-year-old father had a manuscript he was hoping to see become a book. Much to her chagrin, he was waiting anxiously to hear from the slew of traditional publishers to whom he had sent his manuscript.

I answered her questions, but I also asked her why he was waiting to get published.  With self publishing the author controls all the rights; So get the book in the market, develop a following and start generating sales. In fact, doing so may make the book even more appealing to tradtional publishers if that is the goal.

I told her I wanted her father to go his mailbox and pull out a copy of his book instead of another rejection letter. When you’re 84, you shouldn’t have to wait to get published.

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The new world for authors

If you have a manuscript and want to get published, the world has changed. Yes, there are still some deals being done, but the fact is,  most authors are finding indie book publishing is the way to get their work into the market. This blog will offer insightful information to help writers understand their options when it comes to getting published.

In addition, I want to help authors better understand how to effectively market their books.  As traditional publishing has contracted, more and more authors are becoming the driving force behind marketing their book. How does that get done? This blog will help.